By Admin | March 19, 2003

Poorly produced one joke of a movie, about the office loser trying to put the moves on the girl he likes.
Slick Peter (Wagner) and frumpy Dan (Osbeck) are checking out the new office girl Betsy (LeClaire). Peter hits on her, to no avail. The boss (Wiggins) announces that he needs two volunteers to stay late. Betsy volunteers, and, seeing a chance to be alone with his dream girl so does Dan. But when he finally gets the courage to tell her how he feels, he gets a painful reality check.
The acting is fine, although the poor actors have little to work with. The script tries desperately to be Kevin Smith, but without the cleverness. What’s left is a bland smarminess that barely registers. Ross needs to find his own style, and stop f*****g around with the true masters. The film is grainy and there are a few scenes where the dialogue cannot be heard, although I doubt anyone will complain.

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