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By Greg Bellavia | September 7, 2005

The plot for “Coming To My Senses” is pretty straightforward, Diane (Cassandra Schomer) wakes up one morning to discover her senses have begun to heighten. While ripe with possibilities such as being able to hear the dirty secrets of the next door neighbors or smelling the traces of another woman around her house, director Chad Richards ignores situations such as this and seems content to show his heroine on a much more banal journey. Diane enjoys wandering through the supermarket taking in the bouquet of scents now available to her and her heightened awareness both attracts and repels her husband Phil (Brian Talbot). At nine minutes the story is never really allowed to go anywhere aside from a couple quick stabs at humor (Phil thinks his wife needs therapy…AROMA therapy) and most of what makes the simple premise compelling is jettisoned. Schomer throws herself into the role of Diane with vigor and “Coming To My Senses” certainly looks great for being shot on DV but Chad Richards may want to include a story in his next film.

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