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By Film Threat Staff | August 1, 2002

The time is now. Get yourself down to San Diego for the Comic-Con and catch their first ever convention long film festival featuring independent films that encompass the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, comics, animation, and anything else that fits into the pop culture feel of Comic-Con. This year’s slate includes over 70 individual films and presentations, including the complete Star Wars Fan Film Festival previously shown only at the Star Wars: Celebration in Indianapolis in May. The following selections are just a few of the films playing at this amazing festival:
Thursday, August 1 ^ 1:00 The Removers – A sci-i telepathic action adventure, starring Kelli Jones and Jeff Tady, produced by King Robot, written and directed by Jon Schnepp. Intra-dimensional Aliens have infiltrated our planet. A non-government collective has trained a covert team of agents to deal with this alien threat. This short film has surreal fight scenes, alien dance bars, metal babies invading earth, and robots fighting planets. A discussion about the film with the writer/director, Jon Schnepp, will follow. A ten minute sneak preview of Jon Schnepp’s super-villain action comedy television series, “Brainwarp”, will also be shown.
Friday, August 2 ^ 11:30 Starwoids– On April 7, 1999, two lines formed at the Mann’s Village and Chinese theaters in Los Angeles, each building their own rules, laws, and even governments while waiting to see the first Star Wars film in over 16 years. Spanning over two years, Starwoids is a firsthand look at the fans, the frenzy and the pursuit to see one of the most anticipated films in cinema history. Filmmaker Dennis Przywara is on hand to discuss the movie.
Saturday, August 3 ^ 11:30 The Human BEEing – An homage to 1950s B-horror movies, The Human BEEing tells the terrifying tale of a greedy boss and a mad scientist who conspire to turn their office of typists into worker bees. Participants at the convention include: Director/Co-Writer, Tony Shea; Producer/Co-Writer, Colin Harper Plank; Actor/Co-Writer, Jim Coughlin; Actor/Co-Writer, Andy Abramowicz; and actors Ronit Feinglass, John Varga, Robert Ruchti, and Meredith Weiner.
12:30 The Real Spider-Man: The Making of the Green Goblin’s Last Stand – When word of the Spider-Man movie first broke years ago, filmmaker Dan Poole shot his own “audition” movie for the then-attached director, James Cameron. This incredible fan film has gone on to earn praise from everyone who has seen it. We’re pleased to show The Real Spider-Man: The Green Goblin’s Last Stand. Filmmaker Dan Poole will be present to discuss his film.
2:30 Robot Bastard – The President’s Daughter has been kidnapped by the brilliant super-criminal Blood Mamba. All rescue attempts have been thwarted by the evil genius. There’s only one thing left to do: send in the Robot. The Robot must fight zombie-monsters and insecurity in order to complete his suicidal mission. This marks the directorial debut of Rob Schrab (creator of Scud: the Disposable Assassin and Heat Vision and Jack). Other panelists include Jeff Davis, Chris Tallman, Kurt Scholler and Jeff Crocker. Doug TenNapel’s puppet animated short “Kog-Head and Meatus” also showing.
3:30 Agent 15 – Will Agent 15 succumb to the whip-wielding Femme Fatale? Come see the new episode of the award winning spy series starring Paget Brewster (“Andy Richter Controls the Universe”), and D. Elliot Woods (Star Trek: Insurrection). Series director Augusta and star Paget Brewster will be on hand to discuss the films.
4:15 Chronotrip – Filmmaker Jeff Cioletti’s new documentary, Chronotrip, explores the science, science-fiction and metaphysics of time travel. Among the themes debated are the possibility and probability of time travel, the paradoxes associated with traveling back in time and changing history, and the technological requirements for such a journey. It includes in-depth analysis on the time-related themes covered throughout the 26-year history of the British Science-Fiction series, Doctor Who, including interviews with cast members and fans. In addition, the film features discussions with physicists such as Michio Kaku, author of Hyperspace.
6:15 Unbakeable – In a parody of M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, Unbakeable tells the story of how David Done, after surviving the mother of all benders, discovers that he is incapable of getting drunk or stoned. His wife Audrey and a mysterious drug dealer named Elijah may hold the key to solving this mystery. Written/Directed by: Paul J. Salamoff Starring: Orlando Jones (The Time Machine, Evolution), Elaine Hendrix (“The Chronicle”, “The Parent Trap”), and Eric Winzenreid (Austin Powers in Goldmember, Zoolander). Filmmaker Paul J. Salamoff will be present to talk about his film.
Visit the San Diego Comic-Con website for the full schedule of films.

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