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By Jim Agnew | July 23, 2004

Nerds need love, too. That’s what “Comic Books Are For Kids” is all about. Robyn is a comic book creator stuck in a creative funk. Alan is a lowly clerk at the local comic book store whose only claim to fame is that at one time he was the local “Magic” Champion (a sword and sorcery card game for us non-nerds). Alan helps Robyn with her writer’s block, which in turn leads to Robyn fixing a sticky situation for Alan (he’s accidentally broken a rare Captain Picard life size cut out that’s worth $2,000). Together they help each other, support each other and become the King and Queen of nerd town.
The film’s narrative cuts back and forth between Robyn’s real life and her imaginary world of her comic book characters. Of course, Robyn herself plays the heroin of her comic Swordbow while everyone in Robyn’s real life does double duty as characters in her comic book world.
Shot with no budget, writer/director Dikran Ornekian, as well as the cast and crew, does a great job of creating a short film full of charm and personality. Chocked full of nerd jokes, what “Comic Books Are For Kids” lacks in technical expertise it more than makes up for in imagination.

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