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By Daniel Wible | October 22, 2003

Cool title. But come get what? Come get one moron and four leather maidens battling more zombies than anyone could shake a sawed off boomstick at – all set to the sonic barrage of some noisy as f**k punk rock. Anyone afraid of girls, loud music and dead things would do best to stay away.
The Human Undead Defense Services have lost their budget, so they unleash a horde of zombies on a small redneck town, sending in their most bumbling agent to try and clean up the mess. His imminent failure will surely bring in more cash for the H.U.D.S. government agency. Thing is, the town they set up for zombie food is ruled by a gang of four vicious vixens who don’t take s**t from anyone – living or dead. Looks like the H.U.D.S. may not be getting their money after all.
“Come Get Some!” has a lot of heart and balls behind it, but there just isn’t enough there on the screen to warrant a 105 minute running time. Many of the actors and actresses look just a little uncomfortable being in front of the camera – you can tell by how they’re really not sure how to use their hands. With on-screen talent this stiff and unnatural, it’s very difficult to keep a viewer’s attention focused on the story for 105 minutes, no matter how simple it is, and no amount of gore and loud music is going to help. And that’s another thing – “Come Get Some!” is jam packed with violence, but most of it takes place in an empty field, performed by wooden actors and featuring zombie make-up that gives Umberto Lenzi’s mud-caked walking dead a run for their money. The result is less than thrillig as one fight after another unfolds, each one more dull than the last as repitition taks a hold of this film and strangles the life out of it.
But then again, these are the perils of shooting on a shoestring budget. So if you haven’t any money, but are dying to make your zombie flick, should you wait until somebody drops a load of cash in your lap? Of course not. Go and make your film. BUT, recognize the running time life of your resources. “Come Get Some!” would’ve been a bang-up film if it would’ve been a short. Many of its unavoidable shortcomings would’ve been forgivable in a much shorter run time. But as it is, “Come Get Some!” drags, despite the spirit of its filmmaker wanting to make a kick-a*s zombie flick behind it.

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