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By Film Threat Staff | August 8, 2001

The Columbus Filmmakers Consortium offers tons of stuff FOR FREE to indie filmmakers. Get free storyboard templates, screenwriting templates for WORD, a completely free DV editing software package (legit), and more. Also, the PSA’s (Public service announcements) are actually mini-short films made by their membership. The site’s mission says it all: ^ We’re here to help each other out, to make this the “Hollywood of the Midwest.” It won’t happen overnight, but we can make this real. Do you need something to get a project off the ground, or finish off a movie that’s languishing without a way to edit it ? This is where we can hook up & get it all done, and make it real. We can do this by helping one another. ^ Remember: this is about helping each other. If you ask someone to help you, be prepared to help them. If you need crew members, be ready to work crew for them, if you borrow a tripod, be ready to loan somebody your microphone. This is how we can get projects finished, this is how we can attain the body of work needed to succeed.
If you’re a filmmaker, this stuff is definitely worth checking out.
Get free stuff at the Official Columbus Filmmakers Consortium web site.

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