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By Eric Campos | December 30, 2004

As if Circus Liquor (San Fernando Valley’s most notorious liquor store) wasn’t creepy enough, here comes this short about an average working joe, played perfectly by Michael McColl, who is drawn to the boozeria by a mysterious flier. The alcohol gets good to him and he returns nightly, always leaving with a fresh bottle of liquor cradled in his arm until he finds his life slipping quickly down the tubes – he loses his job, girlfriend and, shortly, his mind as he sees the evil clowns coming for him.

Not to be enjoyed with a stiff drink, Karl T. Hirsch’s “Clown” delivers some major chills without coming across as hokey. That’s a tough thing to do if you have scary clowns in your film. This is also one of the best looking shorts I’ve seen in a while. The quality of this production grabs you immediately and holds you down for the full 20 minutes until you’re ready to go drain your liquor cabinet in the toilet. “Clown” is a complete package and I urge everyone to see it.

Oh yeah, and there’s no way in hell I’m ever going to Circus Liquor. Thanks, Karl!

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