By Felix Vasquez Jr. | November 1, 2007

According to CHUD (spoilers included) and their breakdown of the alleged upcoming second trailer to appear before “Beowulf,” Cloverfield is apparently titled “Cloverfield,” while CHUD also reports some of the rumors floating around to be true.

I won’t say which ones, but apparently, this is going to be a chaotic monster rampage.

I will not be attending “Beowulf,” but I will anxiously be seeking the new trailer online after “Beowulf” premieres in theaters.

If anyone can report to us with links to the trailer, or reactions, be sure to do so.

There were many reports of trailers set to appear before a few other blockbusters, but this rumor seems to be rather solid at this moment.

Also, for a refresher of theories that didn’t pan out, theories that were long debunked, and the start of our investigation, be sure to reread “Dissecting the “Cloverfield” Mystery.”

We’ll keep you updated.

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