By Admin | October 5, 2004

“Cloud Nine” brings forth an unassertive guy named Daniel (Evan Richards) who is taking his girlfriend Sandra (Jessica Golden) out for a nice dinner. However, the original reservation is dropped due to a fender-bender that Daniel did not get caught in, but had to watch the two people involved (Pamela Randolph and Paul Castro), argue over the situation. When it comes to bribing the restaurant host however, Daniel’s got ‘em all beat.
Ok, to make a short story even shorter: Daniel’s got no balls whatsoever and it’s apparent with his brief encounter with the two “fenders” (as I call them) at the beginning, the bit with the restaurant host, and his constant complaining about the meal which may have you wondering how the hell Sandra can stay with a guy like this. A trip to the restroom follows and Daniel heads for the urinal and is soon joined by a guy, credited as the “Tapper” (Gary Kasper), taking the urinal next to him. What transpires after between both men (Can Daniel be considered a man?) may have you asking, “Why was he looking in the first place?”, and perhaps the end result of that confrontation may knock some sense into Daniel….hopefully. As for a visual that is brought up during the confrontation, it would be best just to take Daniel’s word for it. Seeing the “shake-off” and subsequent reaction is not necessary.
There is really nothing of interest to be found here, with the exception of the Tapper’s facial hair, which had me wondering at first whether the restaurant was hosting a “2-for-1 Kinky Evening”, before realizing what was actually on his face. The sequence between Daniel and Sandra before he goes to the restroom does not fare well due to the camerawork, where it seemed the operator might have had an itch he couldn’t scratch.
The only thing “Cloud Nine” has going for it is the setting, which is nice to look at, and I guess that’s better than nothing. It’s likely that we’ve all had our fair share of bad evenings, but this is certainly not the most entertaining.

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