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By Admin | May 27, 2006

Sometimes the French boo, sometimes they hate your theme parks and sometimes they champion your film like it’s a God. Luckily for Kevin Smith, he received the latter treatment after his newest film, Clerks 2, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Festival-goers for the midnight screening began standing and applauding during the film’s credits and did not stop until 8 minutes had gone by. In director Smith’s own words, as posted on his ViewAskew messageboard:

“When the flick ended and the credits started rolling, a standing ovation began that lasted a full eight minutes. It was surreal and wonderful, and it just kept going and going. I looked to Harvey (Weinstein, our boss), that old Cannes war-horse, to see if the cast and I should start heading out of the theater: as it was two in the morning and the applause wasn’t showing any signs of stopping. But from two aisles back, he responded with a waving “No” finger at me, mouthing the words “Don’t move.” So we all stayed put.

By the time the credits ended, I figured the audience was done applauding as well.

But they weren’t.”

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