By Admin | May 6, 2005

World leaders have gone apeshit in 2173, trying to control an already overcrowded Earth. It is not known what political parties have been influencing policy in the United States, or whether these parties have combined or new ones have been created. In our country, the Patriot Act is expanded. A Department of Population Control has been created. And if you’re not exempt for whatever reason from their decree, then you die, no questions asked or answered. There’s no being dead at 30. You’re dead at whatever age you are, regardless of a future, family, promising career, whatever. It’s a disturbing idea, but with how it’s set up in “Civic Duty”, with David Johnson (Bruce Robert Cole) hiding in a long wooden box somewhere from the authorities, it’s not really all that dramatic. At the end, there’s a huge scroll explaining the entire situation, which is better suited for a science fiction book. This kind of story belongs on printed pages rather than here, expansion by words.

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