The CineVegas International Film Festival will kick off its third-ever annual event on [ November 28th, 2000 ] before closing down on [ December 3rd, 2000 ] , but before they call it a year, they”l bring everything from vampires to free-spirited women to life on the screen.
CineVegas gets rolling on Opening Night, [ Tuesday, November 28th ] , with a special screening of “Nosferatu,” the 1922 horror classic crafted by F.W. Murnau which stars a fantastic Max Shreck. The silent expressionist epic centers on the tale of Count Orloc and his meeting with the one woman who can destroy him, and the CineVegas screening will include live music from the Las Vegas Philharmonic.
Through [ December 2nd ] , a CineVegas series entitled “In Praise of Difficult Women” will screen films that celebrate fierce femmes in cinema. The MGM classic “A Free Soul,” which stars Norma Shearer and Clark Gable, will be featured, along with other features from the early years of Hollywood moviemaking.
For the complete CineVegas schedule of events, as well as ticket information and all other Festival details, go to the [ official CineVegas International Film Festival site. ]

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