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By Film Threat Staff | October 17, 2003

CineKink NYC wrapped a successful weekend of sex and sleaze on October 12th with an awards ceremony, which found the first-ever CineKink Tribute presented to Steven Shainberg’a “Secretary.”
Other CineKink award recipients were as follows:
AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD FOR BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE: (TIE) ^ “Madam and Eve” (Angie Dowling, 2003, UK, 90 minutes), an explicit lesbian comedy about a mysterious women’s hospital. ^ Preaching to the Perverted, (Stuart Urban, 1997, UK, 100 minutes) which gives stylish
depiction to a clash between moralistic government crusaders and an underground fetish world.
AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: ^ Welcome Sinners! The Velvet Hammer Burlesque (Scott Lew, 2001, USA, 58 minutes), is a behind-the-scenes look at the underground burlesque revival movement.
AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD FOR BEST INSTRUCTIONAL/HOW-TO: “Whipsmart” (Laura Plotkin, 2002, USA, 82 minutes) covers, step by step, the communication skills, techniques and tools needed to integrate S/M into one’s sex life.
BEST NARRATIVE SHORT: “On My Knees” (Kim Wood, 2003, USA, 13 minutes) draws from the secret diaries of Hannah Cullwick, a Victorian fetishist and “maid-of-all-work,” to trace a life of unabashed deviance.
BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: “Shine: Confessions of a Rubber Fetishist” (Karine Baczynski, 2003, USA, 28 minutes) is a funny, thought-provoking and unapologetic look at Shine, who goes to work everyday, plays chess, likes to dress in rubber and craves being whipped by his friends.
HONORABLE BEST MENTION: “Maid of Honor” (Matt Morillo, 2003, USA, 25 minutes) follows the erotic misadventures that ensue at a wedding reception.
“Pornographic Apathetic” (T. Arthur Cottam, 2003, USA, 5 minutes) brings together the stock characters of porn for an inspired interaction.
“Traditional Family Vampires” (Bob Poirier, 2000, USA, 16 minutes) is a wild comedy about a right-wing family of vampires and some “unsavory” prey.
For more post fest info, visit the CineKink NYC website.

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