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By Eric Campos | July 27, 2002

It’s all very interesting. No…really…it is. But at the very beginning of this film, you can’t help but giggle as you watch the featured physicists and philosophers talk themselves in circles about what exactly time is. It’s funny cuz it’s not the type of stuff you normally sit around discussing…at least I hope it isn’t. Then they get into the idea of time branching into different realities and if one were actually able to go back in time, you may in fact be altering a reality that is different from the one you came from. These interviews begin offering up some interesting food for thought, but only a moment after time travel is proposed, the “Doctor Who” fans are brought into the fold. NOOOOOOOO!
Actually, this is the saving grace of the film. As interesting as it is, 75 minutes of meta-physical jibber jabber can be a bit much for the brain, so a little comic relief is definitely called for. A good chunk of this documentary on the theory of time travel, takes place at a “Doctor Who” convention where we get to hear sci-fi nerds ramble about the possibilities of actual time travel. Funny thing is, they’re mostly doing it in relation to their favorite “Doctor Who” episodes.
Okay, what did I say before? That’s right – “documentary on the theory of time travel.” Well, seeing that time travel hasn’t happened yet, there really isn’t much to actually document. But this little problem doesn’t stop filmmaker Jeff Cioletti from filling up this feature with very entertaining, thought provoking and sometimes funny interviews. “Chronotrip” is the kind of film that will definitely stoke the flames of time travel discussion at your friendly neighborhood sci-fi conventions.

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  1. Dr Millgram says:

    If you can sit through this entire film you are either intellectually “challenged” or were raised by wolves or apes and observing film or TV for the first time. The guy that rambles on about Dr Who is classic. Must have been a shortage of “experts” available that day.

    If this were a student film it would get a D. Only because teachers generally reward effort. Filmgoers shouldn’t.

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