By Doug Brunell | February 3, 2004

“Chris and the Dragon,” despite some minor complaints about too many needless scenes, is one more reason why I love the mockumentary genre. It’s about three somewhat annoying friends, Chris (Brandon Arrington), Ted (Charles Frierman) and Lisa (Carrie Grafton), and the bonds that hold them together. Those bonds are Demon Empire (a chaotic role playing game they invented), video games, music and the men’s love of Lisa. Lisa, on the other hand, loves Trevor (Paul Fields), who is her boss at a game store and an aspiring model. (Once you see this guy’s poster, you’ll know what the term “comedic heights” means.) And while their relationships are essential to the film, the “story” hinges on Chris’ journey to slay his personal dragon: Trevor.
Chris’ final confrontation with Trevor is not to be missed, if only for its humanity. It’s actually almost painful to watch, and it leads to some pretty funny stuff from our paranoid schizophrenic hero. Does he finally destroy his dragon, though? I’m not telling because that would be spoiling a very humorous movie that needs to be seen by fans of this genre. Hop on it now because this thing is destined to be a cult classic — if only with the Dungeons and Dragons crowd.

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