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By Admin | March 10, 2004

Sooooooo … mercifully, this is a metaphorical dragon and not an actual dragon … and while my eyes were merely trying to stay open during the first half, my faithful sidekick and viewing companion, B. Dallas Jones, snorted and hooted and generally had a great time with this one. My brain didn’t register that there was an actual film going on until about the mid-point.

“Chris and the Dragon” is probably as close to what goes on in the minds of the twenty-something, “Lord of the Rings” lovin’, middle-class Americans who STILL f*****g LARP as I would ever want to get. But, they’re not total losers – Chris and Ted sit around dreaming big things about the rock stars they want to become and about finding Bigfoot. And damned if they aren’t obsessed with Lisa, some chick who also roleplays, but who is hot for her boss, Trevor, – a model – and gotta love the Trevor poster, which if this film makes it big, those will be mass-produced and put up on eBay. I can feel it.

A love triangle unfolds, kind of an ishy love triangle, but a love triangle nonetheless, and Chris wants to now become a comedian. How any of this is related is truly beyond me, but there are several ‘deep thought’ moments that make this film worth watching and no one will really care how it’s all related. Oh yeah, and Ted sings. Chris plays guitar. Ohmygod, do they ever. And the viewer must watch and listen. And try not to laugh. Or go ahead and laugh, I think they might want you to. These guys don’t take themselves seriously, though, and for what it’s worth, managed to put together a film, while not slick, is totally watchable. At least once.

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