By Admin | August 29, 2000

“Chicks, Man” is reminiscent of a lot of films that are out there today. A group of twentysomething Gen X-ers spend an entire feature-length film figuring out how to solve some really boring problem in their lives.
Rod (Scott Roberts) and Jack (Aaron Priest) are roommates. Rod spends a sizable chunk of “Chicks, Man” hanging around at a friend’s party. While Jack, in relationship-rebound, goes out on a date in the woods with a random redhead. Mostly, what goes on is a lot of talk.
At the party, Rod walks up and kisses Heather (Mirando Natko) and she slaps him. There’s a lot of discussion about this afterwards by Rod and Jack. Why? Jack’s problems with the ladies are gone over in excrucuating detail, as well. In fact, later in the film, when Rod gets a whoopin’ from Heather’s boyfriend for the aforementioned unwanted smooch, it seems richly deserved after the annoying yackfest the boys have put us through.
Rod is a freaky-looking skinhead, so his attempts at securing a mate are understandly futile. But Jack is a cappuccino-sucking pretty boy who has his pick of the nubile young lovelies. He still manages to mope around for much of the flick, however.
And, yes, everything is talked, talked, talked to death. All talk and no action makes for one damn boring movie. Usually, you expect a film to have protagonists who not only overcome obstacles, but go through some sort of inner metamorphosis that the viewer can relate to–while being entertained. None of that is happening in “Chicks, Man”…especially the entertainment part.

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