The 8th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival is slated for [ August 17th ] through [ August 23rd, 2001 ] . The Festival has just announced the lucky filmmakers who will benefit from the 2001 Film Fund:
[ CONSUMED 1-5 ] (James Fotopolous) ^ A quintet of experimental films exploring themes of sex, nature, shifting appearances, shadow and color by the acclaimed Chicago based director of “Migrating Forms”, “Zero” and “Back Against The Wall”. Fotopolous will be featured in upcoming issues of Filmmaker Magazine and Film Comment.
[ DEFILE IN VEIL: THE FUTILITY OF PURITY ] (Deco Dawson) ^ An experimental short concerned with the formal properties of image and movement and shot in the style of early cinema from the 1900s by Winnipeg filmmaker Deco Dawson. Dawson’s work has screened at The Toronto Film Festival as well as The New York and Chicago Underground Film Festivals. He also served as co-editor and co-cinematographer on Guy Maddin’s critically acclaimed short “Heart of the World”.
[ HITLER’S HAT ] (Jeff Krulik) ^ The true story of how a Jewish-American GI found Adolph Hitler’s top hat and crushed it to smithereens, and how fifty years later the ultimate World War II souvenir became a museum piece after sitting in a closet for decades. A new documentary by one of the creators of the cult classic “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”.
[ INSIDE THE EYE OF ANGER ] (Jon Ausbrooks) ^ The first in-depth examination of the work of avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger, whose influence has been profound (though rarely acknowledged) on a variety of current filmmakers ranging from David lynch to Martin Scorsese. The film will feature extensive interviews with Anger as well as those filmmakers and artists who have acknowledged his influence including Paul Schrader, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nick Zedd, John Waters, Genesis P Orridge and Scorcese.
[ SCUMROCK ] (Jon Moritsugu) ^ A sprawling comedic epic by the renegade director who brought us “Fame W***e”, “Mod F**k Explosion” and “Terminal USA”. Using the detritus of our technology-obsessed culture, including obsolete and outmoded video cameras and decks, Moritsugu strikes back at the digital filmmaking revolution and our need to own newer and faster (and ultimately cost-prohibitive) equipment. The film also features a kick-a*s rock ‘n roll soundtrack.
[ STOKED: THE RISE AND FALL OF GATOR ] (Helen Stickler) ^ A feature-length documentary chronicling the rise and tragic fall of professional skateboarder Mark Anthony “Gator” Rogowski. Throughout the 80s Gator rode a career wave of fame, wealth and world travel until one night he threw it all away with the rape and murder of a girl known by many in the skateboard scene. Stickler (the Emmy-nominated director of award winning shorts “Queen Mercy” and “Andre the Giant Has a Posse”) revisits a specific time in American youth pop culture history to explore the circumstances leading up to his crime.
The Chicago Underground Film Festival schedule will be posted in July. News and official Festival releases can be found at the CUFF site.

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