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By Matt Holcomb | November 20, 2001

Chevy Chase used to be one of the funniest men in America. But like a lot of other funny people, people like Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams, something weird happened to him in the nineties — he became sanitized; he became… unfunny. It was as though someone had put a gag order on his humor. Was it booze? Drugs? A misanthropic studio executive? A virulent producer? A relentless lawyer? A jilted lover? Or was it Chevy Chase himself, the same Chevy Chase that made Clark Griswald and Fletch inextricably part of the pop-culture zeitgeist?
Remember The Chevy Chase Show, Chevy’s attempt at doing a David Letterman? Didn’t think so. But Hollywood hasn’t forgotten, just as some of us haven’t forgotten how funny Chevy used to be.
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