By Admin | January 23, 2005

While the “chamaco”, the kid (Michel Fabian Sierra-Armenta) of this film is a smart one, able to set himself apart from the other homeless kids that roam the streets of Mexico, this short of the same name feels like an average stroll to nowhere in particular. He knows a few things in his home country, such as how the rain gets to the sky and back, as well as the birth cycle, many cycles in fact, including that of his own life which he seems pretty comfortable with. He isn’t little orphan Annie, wishing for that home that will give him parents of his own, but wanders around, eventually understanding where he belongs in the city. It’s not much of a revelation at any rate, and does lead to an uncomfortable change in style, specifically that of an unusual dream sequence, but Michel Fabian Sierra-Armenta brings a lot to one scene, thanks to Tim Parsa’s writing, where he provides alternate thoughts to the sex education film being screened somewhere, which he watches from outside, poking holes in its overly-idealistic messages, and putting reality where it belongs.

Even with how limp “Chamaco” sometimes feels, at least the kid isn’t too cutesy. He understands life pretty well, moreso than other children of the movies. And that’s a fine quality.

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