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By Mark Bell | February 23, 2014

When new postman Frank Nuttel (Thomas Garner) delivers a certified letter to the Sappleton family, he is met with a tragic tale from young Alice (Rebecca Spicher). Inviting Frank into the house until her Aunt can come and sign for the letter, Alice presents a platter with four drinks before explaining that two of the drinks are for her absent Uncle and Cousin, and she’s got quite the story to tell about their whereabouts.

Luke Asa Guidici’s short film Certified is a comedy that puts most of its faith in the performance of Spicher. It’s her job to captivate her postman audience, and in turn does the same with us. Though we might guess where her story is going, and thus predict where the short will twist and turn, it doesn’t make the experience any less enjoyable.

In addition to the quality performance of Spicher, and Garner and the other actors who eventually grace the screen, this is an extremely good-looking film. The cinematography is crisp, the composition perfect. On the technical side of things, including the pacing of the film, I cannot find a flaw I’d consider addressing.

Certified is a quality short film with a good sense of humor, and it knows to get its tale out there and move on. In almost every direction, it makes the right decision. The narrative’s direction is a bit obvious, but it’s still to be appreciated. It’s not surprising to see all the festival laurels and fest awards, or near awards, the film has already earned. It’s built for accolades, with the only real subjective variable being how much you enjoy the narrative.

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