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By Film Threat Staff | March 27, 2001

Wayne Wang’s latest film “Center of the World” will be released by Artisan unrated and it’s no surprise why. There’s this scene in which a lollipop goes where no lollipop should go. The wet cherry sucker then makes its way into the anxious mouth of one of the strip club patrons. The digital feature’s plot focuses on a young web genius who pays a stripper $10,000 to spend the weekend with him in Las Vegas. What follows is a dark tale of sex and obsession that plays like a modern “Last Tango in Paris.” The official site for the film features very little information about the film, which is too bad, but to make up for it, there’s an interface that allows users to get free table dances. Save your singles and visit the official site for Center of the World. Director Wayne Wang was personally involved in the development of the site and had this to say about its unique bells and whistles: ^ in most cases, entertainment-related sites are a translation of existing key creative elements, so creating was both a challenge and a dream come true, because the creation of the site was almost like creating a new film. ^ for the first time, we were creating a site with material that was done exclusively for the site. ^ the most challenging part was the chat, because, to my knowledge, it has never been attempted to program a chat-bot with video sequences. many people told us there was no way to do it, especially not with Flash technology and i think we managed to prove them all wrong. ^ working directly with wayne on the site was not only an honour, but also a pleasure, because of his enthusiasm for the project. and artisan have once again proven that they are not only willing to take risks and be innovative on-screen but also on-line. ^ probably the most unexpected thing is the kind of mails we get, now that the site is live: a lot of people from the porn/erotic-industry are writing us to tell us how wonderful they think the site is … and that’s the best compliment of all.

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