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By Daniel Bernardi | January 12, 2006

Cassie Townsend is a relatively new addition to the film acting world. However, she is definitely not new to acting itself as she has been performing and practicing for this moment in her life since she was the tender age of four when she had her first taste of theatre. Some might say it was even earlier still, as the nurse at the hospital where she was born wanted to film her birth, proving that there was something special about Cassie Townsend right from the get go. Born in MA, raised in Vermont, lived in New Jersey, finally ending up in North Carolina, Cassie decided to take the plunge and lay it all on the line and make the move to ‘LA-LA Land’. It only took Cassie three short years to land her first film role, playing Jenny in Alex Rebar’s Sex, Pain and Murder (2000) series of short films. She aptly climbed the film industry ladder from theatre, student films, extras work, short films and finally earning her first feature film credit playing a supporting role as ‘Elaine’ in Auto-Focus (2002) working under the legendary Paul Schrader and opposite class acts such as Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe. Her progress is fast moving, but luck has nothing to do with it if you ask Cassie, who has set her future goals in such solid concrete that they are unable to ever be excavated. A very light heartedly, fun having persona surrounds Cassie which could have something to do with her amazing on-screen appeal. Get used to her face as she truly is a rising star. I will now remove Cassie’s ball-gag so she can speak for herself.

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