“God Only Knows” is the English translation of Carlos Bolado’s Solo Dios Sabe, that sees a wild love story between an art student and a journalist unfold from Mexico to Brazil.

We spoke with Carlos about his latest feature.

What inspried you to make “Solo Dios Sabe”? ^ My travels to Brazil, my early travels to Cuba in the 80’s, the old Mexican melodramas, the movies of Douglas Sirk and Fassbinder and last but not the least, the need to tell a realistic love story without a cheesy ending.

Did you shoot on location in Mexico and Brazil? ^ Yes, in fact, we did shoot in San Diego California, Tijuana BC, Angaguan Michoacan and Mexico City in Mexico; Salvador Bahia and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Did you run into any obstacles? ^ You always run into obstacles when you shoot a latinoamerican movie. Generally the obstacles are economic, the lack of funds (budget related) but we had other problems with the logistics of shooting in 3 countries, the 3 main languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English) ant in USA (cost of locations), in Mexico the rainy season and the unreal heat in the desert and in Brazil (the traffic in Sao Paulo) and no time and money to preproduce. But we overcame these and other obstacles and here we are and we will see what the audience will think…

What would you like your film to do for its audience? ^ I want the audience to leave the cinema thinking and talking to their friends over dinner or drinks about the movie. But more than that I want them to feel the movie (in a sensational manner) more than just watched passively and rationally.

What’s up next for you? ^ More movies. My only job since my teenage years.

I am writing another script, editing two dear documentary projects and reading screenplays from other writers to have a new movie out ASAP.

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