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By Rory L. Aronsky | March 19, 2003

It’s a pretty sad case when the only thing of interest to report in these three episodes of “Captain Jolt: The Comedy Series” is a poster in the room of Ensign Litwick, advertising Jimmie Walker in “Super Fly: The Musical.” Ensign Litwick is only one of many hapless characters found here, in this series created by Mick McArt and Curt Coker, who reside in Michigan and which may bring speculation that perhaps gas fumes played a part in this.
“Captain Jolt: The Comedy Series” is a poorly made attempt at space comedy with various characters flying through space in a Jolt! soda can, and who have already been featured in seven videos. There are plenty of homemade puppets to be found in these parts, including Bert from Sesame Street finding a new identity as Spaceburt, a sadistic character who loves torturing Ensign Litwick. Captain Jolt is the kind of guy you’re most likely to find at a Mexican restaurant, who just finished off 2 extra-hot bean burritos and a fajita with beans on the side to boot. His gassy episodes are only funny at one point where Litwick is hiding in a barrel to avoid detection by Jolt, only to find himself detected in another way.
Many jokes are made of JFK, being spoofed as a villain, who’s looking for Planet Reeks of Feet, with the episode (“The Cosmic Eggroll”) culminating in far too many references to foot fungus. Ever wondered what it takes to “Pierce” someone’s “Brosnan”? You’ll find out here. Carol O’Connor comes back from the dead in puppet form, looking for his tuxedo, and it leads to a quick, nails-on-chalkboard sing-along of yet another parody of the “All in the Family” theme song. The editing is pretty good as well as the teleportation bits, but the rest of it falls flatter than roadkill on America’s highways. And don’t ask what “Pycosimus” means. The dictionary reveals nothing.
Captain Jolt and his crew are not the way to go if you’re looking for entertainment. Now if anyone from NASA can help me, I’m looking for Planet Garbage Dump and a rocket to transport this VCD out of here.

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