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By Daniel Bernardi | July 1, 2004

One of the more inventive short films on the MUFF bill, “Cadence” tells the dismal story of a Man who can see clocks running down on top of everybody’s head which represent the time they have left on this Earth. He knows their fate in terms of when but in terms of how he doesn’t but he is powerless to stop it either way. Even if he is successful in warning people of their gloomy fate or tries to save anyone in time they will just die of something unrelated because it is their time and it is up.

An extremely moving piece of cinema that is brilliantly made and driven by pure sentiment. The lead character is a victim of his own unexplainable power that drives him to insanity and forces him to stop enjoying his own life. James Aitchison tells a remarkable story and has already carved his own niche in the film world. “Cadence” was so powerful that anxiety surrounded me so if that is what the director’s aim was for the film then he definitely succeeded. Known Australian soap actress Lucia Smyrk is commanding as the female lead.

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