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By Ondi Timoner | March 14, 2013

Adam Bhala Lough walks us through the Lil’ Wayne doc he made, The Carter, and shares the controversy that comes with getting intimate with Lil’ Wayne. We see clips from his films and also get to preview The Upsetter, about certified legend of Jamaican music, Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Get you some soup and check it out…

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Following the success of his first film, Adam wrote and directed the “pre-scripted actor film” – WEAPONS and the documentary “THE UPSETTERS: the life and music of Lee Scratch Perry.” Both films premiered at the Sundance film festival, and Weapons earned a him a Grand Jury Prize nomination.

Next Adam helmed the controversial documentary on Lil’ Wayne, THE CARTER. The film was critically acclaimed and premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival where indieWire dubbed it the “best film of the festival”, but raised controversy when Lil’ Wayne attempted to block the release of the film due to its depiction of his marijuana and cough syrup use.

Since then, Adam’s kept busy working on several exciting films including ”Panrea,” a drama starring Mark Webber and Chloë Sevigny, penned by Adam Mansbach and executive produced by Jim Jarmusch. Lough is also working with producers Edward R. Pressman and David Gordon Green on a horror film titled Splatter Sisters. And, In early 2013 WWE Studios announced plans to develop “Cruisin for a Brusin” an action comedy to be written and directed by Lough.


00:01 Welcoming Adam Bhala Lough
02:04 Premiering “Bomb the System,” and more at Tribeca.
05:20 A special kinship with doc makers.
07:30 Lil’ Wayne and getting access to someone in transition with face tattoos.
11:52 The Carter clip: “Manager’s concerns.”
14:29 Stepping in to the project and watching Lil’ Wayne blow up.
16:19 The Carter clip: “The Carter sells 1 million records in a week.”
18:05 Given a mandate to shut up and getting beyond emotion and judgement.
21:50 The Carter clip: “Suck Dick.”
24:05 Lil’ Twist and Nicki Minaj before they were stars.
25:00 Lil’ Wayne as a father.
26:45 The Carter, clip: “Reginae.”
28:14 Wayne the comedian vs. Dwayne Carter.
29:06 The Carter, clip: Wayne for President!
31:32 The controversial reaction to the Carter and trial over the film.
35:47 Filming pro-skateboarders and reconnecting with Lil’ Wayne.
38:00 The Upsetter, seven and a half years in the making.
39:33 The Upsetter, clip: Intro.
42:40 Financing The Upsetter from an unlikely source.
44:06 Following through to make the film with Lee “Scratch” Perry.
46:33 The Upsetter, clip: Music from rocks.
49:27 Lee “Scratch” Perry takes interest in the filming.
51:22 The Upsetter, clip: “Scratch” burns his studio down.
57:13 Decoding the riddle of “Scratch.”

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