This week’s BYOD looks at Virunga, the documentary on Congo’s UNESCO world heritage national park that is under threat from oil companies. Complete with the trailer and film clips, we talk with filmmaker Orlando von Einsiedel at the Tribeca film festival about making a documentary that explores the Congo, corruption, and foreign exploitation on BYOD-the world’s only all documentary talk show.

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VIRUNGA – Orlando von Einsiedel.
VIRUNGA is Africa’s oldest national park, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the last natural habitat for the endangered mountain gorilla. None of that will stop the business interests and rebel insurgencies lurking at the park’s doorstep. Orlando von Einsiedel pairs gorgeous natural scenes from Virunga with riveting footage of the Congolese crisis, raising an ardent call for conservation as a vital human enterprise. Along the way, he spotlights the incredibly dangerous work that is often required to safeguard the environment. In English, French, and Swahili with subtitles

Orlando von Einsiedel – With six documentaries under his belt in the past two years, the talented and ambitious young London-based filmmaker Orlando von Einsiedel isn’t doing badly for himself. Take into account the fact that his documentaries have spanned Africa, Asia, Europe and the Arctic, won numerous awards, and encompassed everything from a gun wielding drug dealer in Peckham, London to the trafficking of young football players throughout Africa, and you could genuinely say that von Einsiedel’s filmography thus far is down right impressive. Praised by critics for his fearless filmmaking and a strong sense of the people and places he covers, von Einsiedel is a former pro-snowboarder who started the London-based TV and film production company, Grain Media, with a friend. Five years later and the small company has taken off, with von Einsiedel’s credits extending not only to documentaries, but also to music videos and promo’s for a number of bands and international brands. von Einsiedel’s eye for striking shots, combined with his compelling global investigations into social issues which often don’t make the mainstream media reports, have ensured that he is unequivocally on the global radar as an original and talented filmmaker on the rise.

00:01 VIRUNGA DOCUMENTARY with Orlando von Einsiedel.
01:22 Landing in Virunga and telling the story of the Congo.
04:34 The Congolese government and lessons learned.
07:09 The truth of what’s going on in Virunga and the Congo.
07:50 VIRUNGA, clip.
09:15 Learning about Africa.
12:31 VIRUNGA, Trailer.


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