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By Film Threat Staff | March 8, 2000

Disappointed with the way The Phantom Menace came out? So is Gerhard Paladin. But he’s taking matters into his own hands. He’s used those hands to write alternate storylines to all three Star Wars prequels, each 15-20 page story treatments of what could have been. If you’re listening, George, take a look at:!
Of course The Phantom Menace has been renamed “An Ancient Enemy” to keep things a little more on the legal side. And there’s been other changes. There’s no Gungans, no underwater city, no journey to “the planet core”, no Neimoudians, no Trade Federation, no Battle Droids, and Darth Maul survives for Episodes II and III.
Plus there’s some new characters: a Jedi with a dark past who turns out to be Anakin’s father, and a peer of Anakin’s that corresponds to Biggs Darklighter in Episode IV: A New Hope.
Look for essays and other documents—including images of design concepts and scenes from the new stories—that support the plot treatments.

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