By Chris Parcellin | February 2, 2001

Barry (Jonathan Protass) is a hapless freak who can’t get a date and gets thrown out of his apartment because his landlord feels that he “scares the children.” For some reason, he tries to climb a statue of a dinosaur in a local park and ends up falling into it. When nearby youngsters mistake his cries for help as the fake dinosaur talking, Barry hatches an idea.
He becomes an obnoxious, Barney-esque “guy in a dinosaur suit” and then he quickly becomes rich and famous. The girl (Christy Jackson) who rejected him comes crawling back when he headlines Madison Square Garden. And, suddenly, being a dork becomes Barry’s greatest strength.
Shot in three days for $2,000.00, “Bury the Bronto” is a good example of using limited resources, building a clever story around them, and getting maximum bang for your back. The movie is fast-paced and funny. A clever parody of the mindless Barney phenomenon.

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