Filmed on location at Marshall University, “Burning Annie” is a humorous slice of college life, featuring a handful of love life rejects, including a couple whose realtionship is being held together solely by their common love for “The X Files” and another guy whose relationships are hitting the shitter due to his obsession for “Annie Hall.”
“Burning Annie” stars Gary Lundy (Donnie Darko), Sara Downing (“Hard Cash,” “Dead Last,”), Kim Murphy (“24”), Brian Klugman (“Can’t Hardly Wait”), Jay Paulson (“Go”), Todd Duffey (Office Space) and Rini Bell (Ghost World).
Having taught film at USC and the L.A. Film School, this is Van Flesher’s feature directorial debut. “Burning Annie” is scheduled for completion in December, with the film to hit the festival circuit shortly after.
Check it out at the Burning Annie website.

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