This just in from Dino over at roaDANCE:
hi all:
I just got two frantic phone calls.
One call from the Sundance film festival telling me to change the design of my website ( I had taken it upon myself to use some of the same colors and design elements for the roadance site as they did for the Sundance site…how odd that they would care).
The other call was from the city of Park City, Utah (not sure if they were related at all…timing seemed weird, within minutes of each other) telling me that they passed a law in 2000 specifically prohibiting the kind of activity I am proposing and that I was in violation of the law last year and got away with it, but if I show up this year, I will be thrown in jail.
Therefore, I respectfully will comply with big brother and pull the plug, seems as though “independent” means something a little different in Utah. Thanks for your interest, I am going to change my website to reflect the change…sorry for any inconvenience.

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