By Dean Edward | February 25, 2003

This sick little film is a sad indication of how the great have fallen, or the near great. Fred “Rerun” Berry, from the popular seventies show “What’s Happening?” makes an appearance here as a homeless man who collects cans. Was he cast, I wonder, or did they really find him on the streets of Santa Monica?
Two homeless idiots, a midget named Kat, (Allen) and a lard a*s named Oatmeal (Reitman) spend their days stealing from other homeless men. One day they encounter the big score: a shopping cart full of aluminum cans. When they grab it, they are pursued by a gaggle of geeks: The one toothed Toothy, who loses his weapon to a pair of pliers, and the Snotlaunchers (eeeewwww). They finally make it to the recycling plant, and retire to Crack World.
I’m not sure who this movie was made for, probably the same morons that watch “Jackass” and think the height of amusement is farting in a fancy restaurant. If you fall in that category, enjoy! If, however, you have some taste and don’t find homelessness funny, don’t bother. I had to watch it. It’s my job. You’re welcome.

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