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By Chris Gore | May 11, 1998

Warren Beatty plays Senator Bulworth, who, on the eve of his planned suicide (he puts a hit out on himself) grows a conscience. He speaks his mind and tell-it-like-it-is and somehow makes it all rhyme to a rap beat. Halle Berry is great as the object of Bulworth’s attention and for the first time Warren Beatty’s onescreen character does not get laid in a film. Wild! Especially entertaining is Oliver Platt as Bulworth’s paranoid chief adviser Murphy.
While the ending is predictable and unsatisfying, the political issues that the film raises (racism, et. al) are worthy of further discussion. Plus, you can dance to it. I hope that the mainstream audience the film is intended for does more than run out and buy the soundtrack. I hope this audience enjoys this film enough that it may begin to pay attention to the political issues the film raises.
“Bulworth” has the distinction of being the only summer movie that might make you think and for that, it definitely deserves ample praise.

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