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By Dean Edward | April 6, 2004

Billed as the first slasher film done entirely in rhyme, Trippiedi and company have concocted a seriously warped blend of serial killers and Dr. Suess. Some of it is amusing, some is inane, but I enjoyed it.
Bucky McSnead (Davis, who is a dead ringer for the late Jack Elam) is an abused man-child who decides to kill himself, but ends up wacking his parents instead. Standing over their corpses, he vows to keep killing. He has found his purpose.
The local police, led by Detectives Kruger (Morgan) and Scotty (Bundy) are stymied. They contact the famous profiler Melinda Von Tyler (Evans) to help catch him, but she is still reeling from the death of her recently outted daughter.
There is also a serial macer (Miller) who is spraying local women and having his way with them (his way seems to consist of humping their legs like a bichon frise in heat, but never mind). Von Tyler, outraged by her daughter’s lesbianism, framed her for the crimes and sent her to jail, where she hung herself.
Mind you, it is done entirely in rhyme, the worst I have ever heard. (“Who the hell are you, and what do you need?” “Don’t you read the papers? I am Bucky McSnead!) Some of the lines are just groan inducing, but this is not supposed to be Masterpiece Theatre, so I’ll shut up my bitching. Writer/Director/Cinematographer Trippiedi has a lot of friends, from the looks of the cast listing (I’ve only supplied the central roles, to save space; for such a short film, the credit list is a mile long!) The cast is non-professional, which actually works for it.
All in all, a fun and very original little short, done with tremendous good will (everyone looks so cheery, even when they are being slashed) and I can’t wait for the sequel, which promises to be done entirely in Pig Latin. Od-Gay Elp-hay us All-hay.

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