By Matt Speer | December 23, 2004

When you hear the plot for the film Bubba Ho-tep, you are immediately struck by two possibilities. Either 1. LSD has been recently and very severely abused or 2. Bruce Campbell is back. As it turns out, the film’s storyline is not only moderately deranged, but it’s Campbell’s funniest horror film since Army of Darkness.

The idea is this: Campbell plays the real Elvis, living in obscurity at a Texas nursing home, alongside his pal John F. Kennedy (who is now, apparently, an elderly black man). When an evil mummy invades the nursing home, the King and JFK must team up to save the day and kick a little ancient Egyptian a*s. Bubba Ho-tep is directed by Don Coscarelli (who also directed the entire “Phantasm” series), and it co-stars Ossie Davis as JFK. I spoke with Bruce Campbell recently about the movie, his thoughts on Hollywood, and how exactly he defines independent film.

Get the interview in part two of BRUCE VS. BUBBA>>>

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