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By Michael Ferraro | February 4, 2009

“Bridge of Names” follows Devon Rogan (Allyson Sereboff – “Poultrygeist”) as she limps down the street to an unknown location. We learn later that her leg was injured in a devastating car accident. A few cars pass by her until one finally pulls over. Puzzled, as she wasn’t hitchhiking or anything, Devon looks on curiously to find out who this person might be. Turns out it’s just an old musician friend (McKey Carpenter) visiting town during a break from a tour. The two characters strike up a conversation about how their lives aren’t exactly where they want them to be. They are plagued with misery… just like those who watch.

This short, shot digitally, has a very naturalistic feel going for it only often times the close-ups are too close, the angles are awkward, and the acting seems rushed. All we know of these characters is uttered in nothing but dialogue, only it feels as if there should be more. You can even feel the actors themselves yearning for more based on their stiff performances. They are not terrible – far from actually – they just aren’t complete. In fact, this whole film feels as if it is missing something. Or two.

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