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By Phil Hall | December 20, 2001

The less said about “Boy@nt!”, the better. This lame little Atlanta-based mockumentary on an untalented boy band provides nothing which could even vaguely be considered as the fundamental tenets of professional filmmaking. Working from the least humorous concept imaginable (the adventures of an over-age, rhythm-free boy band), this wet fart of a production assaults the audience with a comedy script devoid of laughs, actors who can barely recite their dialogue, camerawork and sound recording which would receive mediocre grades at film school, and a sense of cheap which makes the average home movie look like “Spartacus” in comparison.
Two men are credited with directing this film (no names will be mentioned here), which thoroughly rejects the old adage that two heads are better than one. The music was produced by a hip-hop group called Reign of Terror, although whether its poor quality was intentional in keeping with the focus of the film or whether it is just plain bad cannot be easily determined.
The press notes for “Boy@nt!” gleefully note the cast “features several talented members of the popular Yahoo! online club Acting in Atlanta.” I was unaware this club was that popular, and I would wager whatever popularity it has will be immediately lost once word of “Boy@nt!” gets out.

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