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By Greg Bellavia | May 12, 2005

One of the inherent problems of the cult film is when it tries too hard by going out its way to be purposefully edgy, the film actually loses impact. Such is the case with “Bottom Feeders”, a dark comedy which profiles poor Vincent (Gardella), a delivery boy who finds himself in over his head as he is treated to an afternoon with the insane Col. Reginal Caruthers (Fisher) and his friends.

The paint sniffing Caruthers and company are sleezeballs and oddities but there seems no real point to the proceedings. The cinematography within the colonel’s cramped apartment is effective in conveying the claustrophobia of the situation Vincent is faced with but has no real story to support it.

At one point Caruthers takes great offense to the implication that John Wayne is gay, considering that this was a plot point within true cult favorite “Repo Man” it becomes clear that Nielson is aiming for the midnight crowd but despite the great look of the film has yet to find an agenda all his own. The syle of “Bottom Feeders” is its strong suit but Nielson should expand upon his themes and characters in his next outing.

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