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By Eric Campos | December 15, 2005

The “Rings” in question here aren’t the ones featured in the tales of J.R.R. Tolkien, but the ones found in the logo for the Olympic Games instead.
“Bored of the Rings” lampoons how ridiculously dull the Olympic Games tend to be. In doing so, the filmmakers show us full coverage of a brand new event – Olympic Penmanship! We watch as three finalists, including an extreme handwriting champion, compete against each other by spelling out on paper a certain word or words, including “rawhide daydream” and “Barnum & Bailey,” using their finest penmanship skills. What’s funny is, these guys’ penmanship is so good, it’s making me want to brush up on my own.
A funny idea complimented by equally funny performances make for something that you would see on Saturday Night Live.

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