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By Merle Bertrand | February 6, 2002

A young girl on the edge of puberty prays for larger breasts and gets them in director Brooke Keesling’s amusing animated short film “Boobie Girl.” Boy, does she get them! More than she asked for, more than she needs, indeed, more than the DDDs you see in sleazier adult videos, this baby’s got boobs!
While large breasts might figure into most men’s fantasies, “Boobie Girl” is not “Final Fantasy.” The simplistic animation here, little more than stick figures, really, is nonetheless sufficient for this film. Now to be sure, if a guy had made a short film about a young girl praying for bigger breasts, he’d be branded as a sexist pig or worse. Let a woman make the same film, however, and it’s all harmless fun. Good for a chuckle or at least a rueful smile, “Boobie Girl” is that as well as a thinly disguised “careful what you wish for” cautionary tale.

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