By Amy Scott | December 18, 2001

I grew up assuming that the way “working” worked is that you got a newspaper, and you and your friends all went down and got a job. You worked only until you had enough to pay for what you wanted and then you got fired for dumping paint on some old ladies head. I was a big Three Stooges fan. Whatever, she had it coming, I’m sure.
“Bone Jobs” doesnt do much to disprove my childhood theory.
Two jerks (in the traditional sense of the word) look for work in a variety of wacky fields. All the while trying to hook one of them up with the ever present long suffering (symbolic Moe figure) cute girl.
Visually and stylistically the film is great. It looked better than a lot of big budget films. The soundtrack is fun and adds well to the story. 80% of the jokes really pop, that’s well above average. Some of them may be borderline cliché… but you can tell these guys crack themselves up and that’s what matters. The “normal” dialog is a little uncomfortable, a matter of fact anything other than being completely ludicrous for these guys seems to be uncomfortable. But the jokes, and there are many, more than make up for the films shortcomings.
Someone, somewhere, give these guys their own TV show. The teen boys of America will thank you.

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