By Admin | August 29, 2005

A maniac turns over a nightclub by brutally murdering its topless dancers, all the while videotaping the monstrous deeds. Two clumsy cops are called in to investigate, and what follows is a tedious string of Q & A’s that only leads to more T & A. None of it is to be taken seriously though as one woman has cunnilingus performed upon her by a Pomeranian named Pee Wee, a clairvoyant seeks psychic vibrations by sniffing a girl’s panties, and the alleged killer is supposedly possessed by an Egyptian god who has it in for felines.

Director Michael Paul Girard has made quite a career out of this kind of direct-to-video drivel, and even though he has a tongue-in-cheek approach it by no means saves his stuff. Girard is also responsible for: “Sweet Evil,” “Bikini Med School,” “Shadow Dancer” and “Witchcraft 7 & 9.”

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