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By David Finkelstein | May 13, 2002

This film was made by applying the filmmaker’s blood directly to film stock. The images, changing 24 times a second, are a dizzying variety of splotches, drips, and cracks in dried blood which fleetingly ressemble butterfly wings and stained glass windows. The indistinct sound track was apparantly made by applying blood to the optical sound track.

Although the film does have distinct sections with different forms and colors, it does not have the musical development and drama of “Skinflick.” The soundtrack may make sense conceptually, but the sounds themselves do not have as much power and interest as the images. There is an interesting concept here, but the experience of actually watching the film is oddly tame and, well, bloodless.

FIVE SHORT FILMS BY THORSTEN FLEISCH  This film is part of the series of “Five Short Films by Thorsten Fleisch.” These five short films all explore Fleisch’s obsession with creating dialogues between the human body and machines. Read all of the reviews including HEIMWERKER (HIGH TECH), VIDEOHAUT (VIDEO SKIN), K.I.L.L., BLUTRAUSCH (BLOODLUST), HAUTNAH (SKINFLICK).

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