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By Admin | August 25, 2007

Project Cloverfield broke out with this news first, but further developments to “The Cloverfield Investigation” continue coming.

And we have actual evidence this time! Not theories.

Yesterday had officially been brought down, and clicking on brought you to Paramount’s official site. was officially back up the next day.

But with a new addition.

Apparently, if you turn your volume up, and linger at for six minutes, you’ll hear the roar of the monster.

And not just a mild roar, this thing, whatever it is, just bellows out like it’s in pain or proclaiming its true presence, and it sounds like a mighty big beast that’s capable of some amazing damage to New York.

Now, I was sure this was just rumors, and lingering there, nothing happened.

I turned up my speaker very loudly, and waited there restless. But once that monstrous roar jumped out of my speaker, I hit the roof sending my heart beating faster than Michael Moore doing a triathlon and then I could barely contain myself.

This thing bursts with a roar, and it’s another big c**k tease from Abrams who continues to make 1-18-08 one of the few movie promotional sites I’ve ever been interested in. Cryptic pictures, a black background with no information, and now a humongous roar.

Go to 1-18-08 and try it out.

Apparently, yet another allusion to the number six, as it’s approximately six minutes until the roar bursts from the site.

Will we see peeks at parts of the monster/s through blurry photos soon? I hope not. It’s just much more fun leaving it to the imagination.

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  1. […] Okay, so this is testament to how long it is before I turn off my computers, but whatever. A couple weeks ago, Thilk sent me this item from FilmThreat about how staying on for about six minutes causes you to hear a monster roar, although not exactly the same roar that we all heard during the original trailer for Cloverfield/1-18-08/Overnight/Whatever. I’m definitely finding that, just like we’ve seen on the Unfiction forums, that there’s been a strange lag in the overall situation, which means maybe it’s not as ARG-like as originally thought (it’s not), and that perhaps there are too many damn people participating in these types of things online that anything that is supposed to take a little bit of time to ’solve’ is now being done in 1/10000th of the time expected. Or, maybe I should just stop speculating, wait for the damn movie to come out, and move on. […]

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