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By Chris Gore | February 23, 1998

This stellar debut from writer/director Joe Carnahan is the best $7,300 ever spent on an indie film. (The actual shooting budget was $7,300. Amazing!) “Blood” blasts forward with a story that keeps the audience guessing. (Note to future indie screenwriters: study the first 10 minutes of this film closely — the movie grabs audiences from the first minute and never lets go.) The story involves two fast-talking used car salesman who use every trick in the book. The two cash poor saps are paid to simply let a car sit on their lot. The film centers on a group of hitmen intent on obtaining the contents of the car, by any means possible. Oh, yeah, lots of people get killed.
Smart dialog, compelling direction, tight editing and great performances make this indie debut the most exciting of 1998. Watch these guys from Sacramento: Joe Carnahan, Leon Corcos and Dan Leis.
IFC films bought the rights and the film now has a theatrical distribution deal with CinePix.

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