By Doug Brunell | February 20, 2004

I used to live in this place I called the Egyptian Dinosaur Sex Hotel. (That’s a long story.) One day the guy down the hall went crazy. According to the cleaning lady, the man had been shitting on the floor (it was “ankle deep”) and used his feces to paint on the wall. Blank (David Richmond Peck) is kind of like that guy. He lives in filth. He’s touched, and he has some weird thoughts which may or may not be reality.
Blank isn’t a complicated man. He likes animals, especially bugs, and he thinks he may be turning into a werewolf due to a dog bite he received. He also fears that a visiting priest may be a vampire, so he kills him … maybe. He may have killed a dog, too. Who knows? His neighbor seems to think something’s wrong, though.
“Blank” is a twisted black and white short film that has some disturbing images (a man f*****g a dog, lots of cockroaches and a copious amount of crotch rubbing), but little else. That’s fine with this reviewer, though, because it works. Rarely have I seen a film that blends the atmosphere of “Psycho” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” so seamlessly. I wouldn’t call it brilliant, but I would say writer/director Steven Young has a future, and I am going to keep a close watch on him. You may want to, too, but for different reasons.

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