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By Film Threat Staff | June 13, 2002

Sergio Goes’ and Keiko Takahashi’s 35mm feature doc “Black Picket Fence” (BPF) has been acquired by Seventh Art Releasing after screening at the “Hip Hop and Beyond” conference at UC Berkeley, the Brooklyn Film festival and the Seattle International Film Festival. The film is a no-holds-barred look at the life of a young New Yorker named Tiz:
Tiz (25), living in the inner city’s most dangerous and violent neighborhood, is considered a survivor by now. His goal: to make it on his rap skills and get out of the hood. A few years back, Tiz accidentally shot his best friend, Mel (25), as they were holding up a dry cleaning store. Mel is a veteran of the drug game; since age twelve he has spent most of his life in prison.
Tiz is trying to escape his fate with the only skill he has — RAP MUSIC. Yet, breaking the vicious cycle of Urban life in a public housing project in Brooklyn’s East New York may be out of reach. With the birth of Tiz’s son, it is evident that Tiz’s hopes for Hip Hop fame and success involve far more than just his own life. Shot in cinema verite style over three years, the film paints the other side of “Hoop Dreams.”

The film already boasts an outstanding official site with the trailer, filmmaker info, a place to download Tiz’ music and much more.

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