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By Chase Whale | December 26, 2012

Black Biscuit is a two hour and seven minute headache. At the time of writing this review, the film’s story was described on IMDb as “A group of misfit outsiders all face the difficult question of choosing between their dreams and talents, or following greed,” but in practice what we’re actually shown is 127 unnecessary minutes of random footage of random people doing random s**t and having random conversations.

Throughout the film there are vignettes, random clips, flashy imagery, and just about everything possible a director would throw in so he can call himself an auteur and his film avant-garde. What Black Biscuit really seems to be is a collection of things filmed over the years that the filmmaker compiled, loosely edited together and then called a “movie.”

In the beginning two guys are having a mumbo jumbo discussion about making a movie on their mobile phones and how easy it would be–you can film in a dentist’s office or a butcher’s shop without having to get the rights. That’s exactly what Black Biscuit is: those guys shooting everything, calling it a movie, and wanting it to get into film festivals. Except there’s a huge flaw in Black Biscuit: it forgot to be a movie.

I’m not sure why this was made. The excessive running time of over two hours makes this even more painful to sit through. Since I just did that, you don’t have to.

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  1. Chase Whale says:

    I’m definitely a nuisance as well.

  2. Hal says:

    It boggles me that Chase Whale continues to get work writing movie reviews, as his work is boring, flat, without nuisance or education, and often riddled with mistakes.

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