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By Michael Ferraro | June 14, 2007

“All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend.” – Tupac Shakur

Yes I just quoted some old school Tupac record but for this short, no other mantra fits better. “Bitch” is a devious and angry little short, and let me not forget to mention brilliantly hilarious too, about the perils of working in a so-called “hip” record store. Bitch is both a cashier and runs security at this store, where she spends most of her time listening to the conversations of trendy college students who spend most of their time arguing about what’s hip and indie, and what isn’t. Her days seem nothing shy of miserable.

During her shift one afternoon, she spots F****r shoving some LPs into his book bag, and then takes off. She runs him down, a fight ensues, but then Bitch falls in love with this F****r character. Will F****r fall under the same spell or is Bitch just too scary for him?

Filmmaker Lilah Vandenburgh has done a perfect job of throwing various “poseur” stereotypes into the characters surrounding Bitch without going too far overboard. And the names of the characters give it an extra kick during the end credits. Aside from the main characters being named Bitch and F****r, there’s S**t-Head Boss, Moron #2, Some Dude, and Pro-Lifer. These are the same sort of characters that infect our day-to-day lives. Thankfully, this Bitch has the balls to punch them in the face.

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